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Dealing with unwanted pests around your home? Have you been hearing critters such as mice or other rodents in your walls or around your house? Have you become threatened by an infestation of ants, bees, fleas, or other pesky bugs?


When it comes to taming a pest infestation in your home, rely on a company with a proven track record. Holifield Pest Management, LLC provides unbeatable service and has built a reputation as Laurel and Hattiesburg’s top pest control company.


Don't put your family at risk for health problems or harm from vermins or pests. Take control of your home today!

End pest problems permanently

Holifield Pest Management’s team of certified and trained technicians will inspect your home to find the root of the problem. We’ll offer applicable suggestions of how to prevent future infestations.


To further prevent re-infestation, we offer home inspection services and sell pest control supplies and lawn sprays, so you're prepared if pest problems should arise again.


We'll remove:

- Bed bugs, termites, fleas

- Roaches, cockroaches, bats

- Palmetto bugs and silverfish

- Ants (carpenter, fire, sugar)

- Bees, wasps, hornets

- Mice, rats, rodents, squirrels

- Chipmunks, gophers, moles

- Groundhogs, prairie dogs

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